air e kah (kizoku) wrote in thesharpend,
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Another school year..

Yeah, so we've started school again. And we're all taking another AP class. woo.

This community is now for all AP students at Grissom, whatever subject. Tell your friends, join, and talk again.

Which reminds me. Does ANYONE under Econ yet? Anyone? I hate it. blah. I can't wait to get to Gov, it has to be better.
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:D I like econap with Coach.

It answered a question right, so I can't be doing so terribly bad.
I understand it pretty good. And I like it better than Gov...I really should not have taken both at the same time.
You're taking macro too, right?
Well, it's on my schedule for next semester, but I may be lazy and take another band class instead.