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Swear WORD.


Hate Ap micro econ. I just can't seem to understand anything when it's time for a test.
I missed 6 questions in a row. Six in a row! ON TOP of all the other questions I missed! I mean, holy crap for crap!



And suddenly, Mr. Ed's class seems a lot more fun now that we're not in it and we can bug the other kids about comp checks.
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You can't complain until you see my grade. And then you probably still can't complain. I'm passing the class by three points right now.
Our APUSH class is two years long and we're only close to done with the first nine weeks and kids are dropping all over the place.
Good Lord, TWO YEARS?!?

...Are you getting the same college AP credit as me?
yeah, once we take the exam.

Hate to say it, but that really sucks for you.
Indeed it does.
I don't know if i'll be able to stick around for the whole thing.
Well, if this is your second year of the class, then I would say you should definetly stick with it. You're more than half way done, just think of it like that.
Unfortunatly it's only my first.
But for now at least I plan to stick w/ it - I'd like to be able to get through the whole thing and be one of the few.(At the beginning of this year he had about 65 students taking the first year. The amount of finished second year students - that took the test last year - was only 31.) But we'll see. On the bright side, though, last year all of his students passed the exam and about 97% the year before that.
It's good that you're sticking with it.

And look on the bright side; I'm sure you don't have to cover WWI in a night.

you had to do that?
Yup. :D
We had night school every what, Wednesday, for the second semester. Or was it Monday? Oh well.

Ask anyone else here, it's true.
Hopefully, since we have two years, we will be able to avoid that, but we are only at the French and Indian War right now.

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January 26 2005, 22:48:54 UTC 12 years ago

hey what state r u guys from?


January 27 2005, 03:58:20 UTC 12 years ago

AP Micro Economics? Now I've heard everything...
Haha, no, I'm sure there's still more for you to hear. Yes, we have Advanced Placement micro-economics, as well as AP MACRO-economics. Among other pointless classes, I'm pretty sure we have about three AP Calculus courses.

So what brings you to this, our abandoned Alabama High school "I hate work" community?
Uhh, I was just surfing around and found that my school wasn't the only thing that has APUSH. And I take that. How many people go to your school?
How many people? Oh...I'd say just shy of 2,000, give or take a hundred.

But you're from Texas, so I bet your school is much larger, and probably has an awesome marching band. I don't know much about Texas. Are there armadillos there?
HUH! So like my school have like 500 people. And our band got a 1! But yeah, there are Armadillos..
So, are armadillos, like, big or what? Are they the size of a cat or something? And I hear in texas and stuff people run over them with cars a lot, that wouldn't happen to be true either, would it?

And aren't there, like, wild chickens too? You probably live in a city and think I'm nuts, haha. XD
I hate AP Econ. We are still in macro right now...and I have no idea what is going on.
I have AP Macro-Econ. This is the first year my teacher is teaching AP. It sucks. It's boring. And it's all busy work. I'm probably going to fail it.