breadman86 (breadman86) wrote in thesharpend,

god is gone

It's over.
It's done.
Oh is it true? I hardly believe it... I'm so happy :)
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I must say, it's an odd feeling.

I'll find myself looking at words around town like "NATO", "22nd Amendment" and "John Marshall" and for a brief second I think Crap! What was that again? Something about... only to be followed with the realization that wait. Just wait.

I don't have to worry about knowing any of that stuff anymore.

It's a very odd feeling to force myself not to think about ush.

Oh, and 96 sememester, 95 year. You?

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I'm a failure. B for the year =P But I knew nothing higher than a B was possible by the end of the year starting around the end of the 3rd 9 weeks, unless I got a buttload of bonus and made like a 120 for the 4th 9 weeks, haha. So I didn't bother trying and kept my B :)