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Gee. I'm sure glad I went to night school. I learned a whole bunch of stuff that I missed in class because I was busying drawing pictures of submarines and terrorist railroads on my paper instead of taking notes.

Things that I learned tonight that will save me from being embarrassed later on in my ushap life (take notes):

* Alger was NOT, in fact, a mexican/spanish immigrant who advocated literacy tests.

* Carnegie=steel. Not Oil.

* Eugene V. Debs was neither a black spokesmen with the "Ten Percent Plan", nor was he the Populist Party leader. He was a white socialist in charge of railroads or some innane crap like that.

* Ida Tarbell is a woman. Not a man. Get out of TOWN, I KNOW!

*Booker T. Washington is Not the guy with the peanuts.

*You can write the worst essay ever, and throw sentence verb and verb tenses out the window the whole way through and still make a 9. This fact is my guiding light, my hope of ap exemption test salvation.
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